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  1. Unforgettable Swinging Experiences.
  2. Most embarrassing moments in swinging
  3. Swinging Nightmares
  4. What's the Biggest Drama...
  5. My daughter came to the swingers party that I went to.
  6. Were They Any Good?
  7. Fleeting Meetings
  8. Group/Gangbang
  9. Recent experience at Caliente Resort Tampa
  10. these are not my pants
  11. Cumulative frustration with swinging...
  12. MFM relationship maturing in some unpleasant ways...(the beginning of poly)
  13. So we had our first experience
  14. First time...
  15. Everything went great but we did everything wrong.
  16. Playing alone...
  17. First 3-some in College
  18. Being filmed
  19. Mixing with vanillas
  20. my slutty gf. hear what she did now
  21. Two experiences, and lessons learned...
  22. OMG My Wife (Cover Story)
  23. Reflections on our transition to full swap...
  24. Our first initimate swap
  25. The Other Side of the Coin
  26. Yikes, First time coming this weekend!! Is this normal?
  27. Same room or separate? Together or solo??
  28. We did it!!
  29. It was an interesting week.
  30. Deja vu (or thanks, and may I have another?)
  31. Back in the saddle!
  32. Outed (yet again)
  33. Expectations and the mess they can cause between couples
  34. I think I dug myself a little hole...drat...
  35. The most wonderful thing she can say...
  36. Our Experiences
  37. From it could have to it DID Happen!!!
  38. First Couple Experience
  39. The ADD Unicorn
  40. Our Story So Far, kinda long
  41. Anticipation......
  42. Crazy 1st Meeting Stories
  43. Excellent hookup last night
  44. What convinced us to try
  45. My experience
  46. My fmf experience
  47. New Year's Eve tradition
  48. What Do you Look Back and Laugh Over?
  49. Popped Our Cherries This Weekend
  50. Experience to Share and a Question
  51. Found a newbie gal interested in the lifestyle
  52. A new experience for both of us
  53. A funny thing happened while we were at the swinger's club...
  54. Funny thing happened yesterday.
  55. Divorced girlfriend over for dinner ALMOST ends up as a THREESOME
  56. Finally a successful party time together!
  57. Good 1st Date, Major Drama on 2nd Date, Crazy to try 3rd?
  58. Weird night
  59. now, finally, truly relaxed and enjoy our life
  60. Fun inside and outside of the bedroom.
  61. Pushing the Boundaries
  62. About the "Swinging Experiences" Forums
  63. Hilarious (and arousing?) experiences
  64. You will never believe what happened at my hs reunion...
  65. Have you ever deserved a swinging medal, and how did you earn it?
  66. Why would anyone do that?
  67. Cringe-worthy swinging experiences
  68. swinging in China
  69. Anyone have any funny swinging experiences with their pets?
  70. Do you recall your feelings after your first few experiences? Did you feel any pain?
  71. Our Most Awkward Experience or Why LS & Vanilla Friends Don't Mix
  72. Heres one of our new experiences
  73. Attended our first Meet and Greet... Meh.
  74. Experienced Our First Mini-Orgy!
  75. Outed before we hardly got started! LOL
  76. Injured During Sex, year 2014 edition
  77. Hotel Pick-up
  78. This may sound odd....but proud of gf for swinging
  79. Meeting a Business Associate
  80. the guy my wife likes
  81. A door closes, but we adapt
  82. Appearances can be deceptive!!!