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  9. bareback gangbang with strangers?
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  14. Having a Vascectomy, what should I expect?
  15. If you have HPV would you tell your potential partners?
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  17. "Oral Sex Shown to Be Linked to Mouth Cancer"
  18. Blowjobs and flavoured condoms
  19. Is HIV not a major hetero issue?
  20. Being honest about STDs
  21. Are V-Safe Men More "Valuable" In The Lifestyle?
  22. Why Condoms for sex and not for oral?
  23. How can so many people claim to be D&D free?
  24. Is there really such a thing as safe sex?
  25. Are you concerned with STDs?
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  29. Does a vasectomy change the quality of your ejaculant?
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  32. The Great Condom Assumption
  33. Venting: Condoms, STD's the Universe and everything
  34. When is a condom... uh... used?
  35. What is it with couples who require condoms for penetration but not for oral?
  36. On The Pill & Mood Swings
  37. What do you get tested for?
  38. Swinging in your Baby making years
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  40. The Condom Keeps Getting Lost!
  41. Met a great woman but she has STDs
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  43. Circumcision cuts HIV infection
  44. Can condoms protect from Herpes
  45. Would you tell?
  46. HPV, is it going to change things for you?
  47. Instant at-home HIV tests
  48. For Those Willing To Play With Others With Herpes, How Should It Be Disclosed?
  49. Magnum XXL condoms. Give me a break!
  50. Oral sex on the man - is it safe to finish?
  51. For those who dont use condoms
  52. Are these STD numbers correct?
  53. To add to the STD discussion...HPV
  54. Hello, I love you, let's get tested for AIDS
  55. condoms and oral
  56. Do you ask? Do you tell?
  57. How should I proceed: Partner not being honest about protection use
  58. Throat Cancer via Oral Sex?
  59. Can someone diagnose this?
  60. herpes scares the crap out of us!
  61. Herpes Again
  62. Why are people so hesitant to be surgically safe?
  63. HPV; why is it downplayed
  64. New, shots or anything before play begins
  65. Swinging Bareback or Fucking Your Swing Partner Without Him/Her Wearing a Condom.
  66. Is exposure to HPV inevitable?
  67. Aren't people scared about STD?
  68. For all you rubber men (best condom IMOĦ)
  69. A credit score for having sex?
  70. How to ask for testing from my doctor
  71. yeast infections
  72. HPV and men
  73. Told us they had Herpes. They took a break, now playing again???
  74. Is no condom considered safer sex?
  75. STD Test? There's an App for That!
  76. Reported HIV Cure
  77. What is condom etiquette during play?
  78. Study on circumcision and HPV
  79. Scars after genital warts removed
  80. wanting to join the fun but...have herpes
  81. STD testing by only one half of a pair.
  82. Female to female STD transmission
  83. Freaked out! Think I have HPV!
  84. Recovery from Vasectomy?
  85. HPV Incubation & Symptoms
  86. Can you catch anything from a lap dance?
  87. reoccurring yeast infections
  88. Question for the ladies?? Am I at risk if his semen touches my skin?
  89. I Hate BV!
  90. Condom Use Oral v. Penetration
  91. new tests can make swinger sex safer
  92. HIV Immunity?
  93. HIV Prevention: Truvada
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  95. HPV 16 and oral cancer
  96. Does putting on a snug condom really make a man shrink?
  97. Question about creampies & pregnancy risk
  98. Questions - Cold Sores and HSV
  99. Tubal ligation - Scarring?
  100. Novasure and birth control
  101. BV (Bacterial Vaginitis) etiquette??
  102. STD Free Guarantee
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  104. Protection during sex and oral sex
  105. Today Sponge
  106. Diagnosed with High-Risk HPV.. What to do?
  107. Condoms in clubs... new to it, need help!
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  109. Double Oral Risk?
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  111. New, concerns for STD's
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  114. condoms
  115. Planned Parenthood, Condoms with QR Codes, and Geolocation
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  118. Out those not playing safe?
  119. Protection with Oral Sex
  120. Questioning STD awareness/protection
  121. No prostate fluid
  122. Specific Question About STDs And Something that Happened to Me
  123. Favorite condoms?
  124. Guy slid in without a condom on
  125. Diseases and Swinging
  126. Shaved area around my penis....went to a club...now have some bumps...scared to DEATH
  127. Test +for high risk HPV after first swing experience
  128. Sterilization and Such
  129. Interesting piece on the rules and outcomes in the adult film industry
  130. Broken Condoms: What Do You Do?
  131. Best Oral Condoms?
  132. The first casualty of shaving: Pubic Lice
  133. To Swallow or Not to Swallow
  134. Can you get pregnant if you already are?
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  136. The condom is finally perfected
  137. Holy oral & no protection! - First time with couples that aren't using protection!
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  139. "Sex Super-Bug" confirmed in Hawaii
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  141. Safety of hot-tub sex?
  142. Pubic lice (crabs)
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  144. Is Ignorance Bliss?
  145. HPV genital warts spreading. :-(
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  147. First time std test...
  148. Scared, any Dr's in the house?
  149. Gardasil Possible Reason for Premature Ovarian Failure?
  150. Potential new birth control option
  151. How to address STD couple?
  152. Testing/safer sex etiquette
  153. Which condoms are best for sensation?
  154. If they insist on condoms who buys them?
  155. Cum and Rum
  156. WTH? Dr. Wants To Treat Me For Gonorrhea Even Though I Tested Negative!?!?
  157. Question about genital warts
  158. Female birth control gels and films, and oral sex
  159. severe dry skin? Gloves?
  160. How do you handle sharing STI scares and information?
  161. Potential STI scares
  162. Condoms & Dental Dams for Oral Sex
  163. Do you avoid those that play bareback
  164. Swinging without protection.
  165. Streptococcus from swinging?
  166. HPV - Are We All Hypocrites?
  167. California bill mandates condoms, addtional burdens on porn industry
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