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  1. Are we Ready to swing?
  2. For the wives: What finally made you decide to swing?
  3. Should I surprise my wife with a swinging situation on vacation?
  4. how do you know you are ready to swing?
  5. Aspects of Communication
  6. Time and Communication
  7. swinging before/after cancer
  8. Can Swinging help our undersexed marriage?
  9. Lack of Communication
  10. Wife expressed interest in FMF, not sure it's worth the risk.
  11. Need to spice up the sex life, Is swinging the answer?
  12. Should single men even think of swinging?
  13. Interested but not sure swinging is morally right
  14. Wife wants me to swing
  15. Not sure if I am ready to swing
  16. Considering swinging, but have other issues, where do we start?
  17. Our first talk about doing this the "right" way. Can't agree
  18. Too Conservative to swing?
  19. Scared and Feeling Like I'm Not Enough
  20. Talk is cheap - ideas for productive communication
  21. My husband wants to swing
  22. Newbies have some questions - are we ready for this?
  23. Divorce and Swinging
  24. Considering Swinging and Exploring Jealousy Issues
  25. Thinking of entering swinging for my younger wife's enjoyment while I watch
  26. Want to swing but now that the opportunity is there, getting nervous
  27. Should we be swinging? Unmarried couple, male in process of divorce
  28. Want her to bring a guy home, not sure we are ready
  29. Mfm
  30. to swing or not too?
  31. Are we too shy to swing?
  32. Will wife's sexual needs be met through swinging?
  33. Secrets to a successful marriage
  34. Good Advice Needed.....feeling insecure
  35. Have any of you had second thoughts after playing?
  36. New relationship , he wants to swing, I'm not sure we are ready
  37. I am interested in starting, but he can't handle it
  38. To swing or not to swing, that is the question!
  39. Are we ready to swing?
  40. Should we or Shouldn't we...Swing?
  41. Trying to conceive, should we still swing?
  42. How do you know if this is just a fantasy or not?
  43. nerves
  44. Is she ready for the "real Deal"?
  45. Starting to wonder If we are right for swinging
  46. Swinging is Not For Everyone
  47. elderly couple wants to get into swinging
  48. GF and I are going to the club for the first time, BUT...
  49. Swinging and "Karma"
  50. Did we take a step forward?
  51. Trying to Understand Her Reasons for Swinging
  52. The truth comes out, what now?
  53. Compartmentalizing trust
  54. Should We Start Getting Our Feet Wet or Wait?
  55. Wondering if its just us or did you have a similar experience
  56. Hello every body I'm akus. I am new to this. Tell me what to do.
  57. Trying to swing for the first time, MFM, advice?