View Full Version : Separating Sex & Love Swinger Style

  1. Why do swingers get married?
  2. What's Love got to do with it?!?!
  3. Intimacy in your marriage vs intimacy with others
  4. What's wrong with love?
  5. Can you really share the woman you love?
  6. Have you Ever Developed an Emotional Attachment to someone?
  7. Fell in Love with a Swinging Partner
  8. Watching wife make love vs just having sex.
  9. Am I looking for too much of an emotional connection?
  10. feelings for the third person
  11. Falling for my swinging partner
  12. Ever had to quit seeing play partners for fear of too much emotions developing?
  13. Do you "make love passionately" when you swing?
  14. Have fallen in love with a swing partner
  15. Falling in love w/female half of our best swing friend
  16. Can women really have casual sex without attachments?
  17. Emotional Attachments and How to Handle Them?
  18. Worried that the male is trying to make my wife fall in love with him
  19. How do you avoid falling in love with a playmate?
  20. Fell for a swing partner and need help!.
  21. Ladies, how passionate do you get?
  22. We had a MFM but now wife getting too attached to the male
  23. Making Love - would this concern you?
  24. Can he really love me and still want to swing?
  25. Question for women: sex with strangers - is there more to it than just sex?...
  26. Im falling for my secondary....
  27. How do you deal with inappropriate emotional attachment?
  28. Fell in Love