View Full Version : Setting Your Swinging Boundaries and Rules

  1. What is off limits to you?
  2. Ever changing boundries
  3. Generally accepted limits in regards to swinging with in-laws or others
  4. 13 Rules of Swinging
  5. Do you bend your rules to accomodate others?
  6. no questions, just a story (of a well-behaved single male)
  7. What activities do you allow during swinging?
  8. Is there anything off limits with others that you only do with your partner?
  9. No kissing, no oral sex, no orgasm...too restrictive?
  10. What are your rules or limits?
  11. Setting Boundaries with single women??
  12. What acts will you refuse to do under any circumstances
  13. soft swing for one while full swing for the other?
  14. What rules have you had or heard of?
  15. What Were Your First Rules?
  16. Creating an intimate atmosphere that doesn't threaten relationships
  17. Couples with strict rules - are they setting themselves up for failure?
  18. Is "no oral sex" a deal breaker?
  19. Pulling out, before coming, your thoughts?
  20. He says he's comfortable with no rules...I'm concerned
  21. Our declining number of rules.
  22. On second thought, maybe.......
  23. Woud you Settle for "Only" a Handjob??
  24. Cuddling - Snuggling and time limits
  25. Was it ok for us not to "finish" the evening without condoms?
  26. Wife prefers seperate play...
  27. Rules and guidelines you use.....
  28. No Oral...would this rule keep you from playing with us?
  29. Doing something they clearly are not into...How common is this?
  30. Are we playing with fire?
  31. Overcoming insecurities?
  32. Straight Couple
  33. Rule List
  34. Stupidest Rules You've Encountered
  35. Question About "Girl/Girl" Play
  36. A Few Questions: "Ground Rules" And Declining To Participate
  37. First club event, discussing our limits...