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  1. Husband wants to perform oral sex on me way too much!
  2. Swinging for all the Wrong Reasons
  3. Tell me why do some men love cream pies?
  4. Bisexuality in Swinging
  5. Are we the only bi couple out there?
  6. Would you perform a bi-sexual act if your SO asked?
  7. Conversation after play
  8. My husband has become a lousy lay
  9. Are there any straight men here who enjoy anal?
  10. Question for Bisexuals
  11. The Ongoing Bisexuality Issue
  12. Is it ok for women to be straight?
  13. Using a Strap-on, on your man
  14. FF oral vs MM oral sex
  15. Can a straight couple swing?
  16. Bi couples, not just bi women--where are they?
  17. bi-sexual vs. lesbian/gay
  18. Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Straight
  19. On bisexuality.
  20. Women that don't cum quickly - Challenge or wasted time?
  21. Bi/Bi-curious/Bi-Other?
  22. Interesting Article on Bisexuality
  23. Bi Women vs. Bi Men
  24. Where are all the straight couples?
  25. Communicating sexual preferences to play partners
  26. Foreplay with swing partners ~ What kind & how much?
  27. Bisexuality: Nurture or Nature?
  28. "bi" bias
  29. If it were legal - would you sell your sex?
  30. Are there straight/straight couples?
  31. Buying Into the Experience for Greater Sexual Enjoyment
  32. Good sex dependant on lifestyle participation
  33. DO men get bored with the same partner?
  34. Limp Women Ruining Our Fun
  35. Men, are you ok with a woman telling you she isn't going to orgasm?
  36. Why the Double Standard?
  37. He was looking for same-sex fun along with opposite sex fun but he denied it...
  38. that Position is Reserved!
  39. Abnormal is Normal...
  40. How much play do you give foreplay?
  41. Do swingers have a higher libido than nonswingers?
  42. Do you prefer to play with lights on or off?
  43. Honesty about sexual limits
  44. Curious about Gloryholes
  45. "Its not how big it is but how well he uses it"
  46. Do you tell your swinger friends about your BDSM lifestyle?
  47. Fantasy reluctant
  48. Swinging? Sex Addict?
  49. How long does intercourse last for you?
  50. Questions about husband having orgasms from anal sex...
  51. Swinging Without Oral
  52. Is being bi more "popular" now?
  53. Do guys always want to cum on your wifes face?
  54. Problems Not being Bi
  55. Surrounded by highly orgasmic women?