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  1. How did you get started swinging?
  2. On-premise vs. Off-premise clubs
  3. Is there anything in the lifestyle that worries or scares you?
  4. What is your favorite sexual position?
  5. Dirty Sex Talk
  6. How often do you swing?
  7. How Far Will You Drive?
  8. To Swallow or Not to Swallow
  9. Do you prefer men who are circumcised or uncircumcised?
  10. Does your doctor know you swing?
  11. How many have used prostitutes?
  12. Clubs vs Meeting Privately
  13. Whose Idea Was It To Start Swinging?
  14. Swinging with Kids in the House
  15. Benefits of swinging?
  16. What is Cheating When You're a Swinger?
  17. Which is the best way to get to get to know others?
  18. Experienced Swingers: Would you swing with newbies?
  19. Have You Ever Been Caught Swinging?
  20. Mood Killers!!
  21. would someone's income be a factor in your decision to contact them?
  22. What is your swinger name?
  23. Have you ever faked an Orgasm?
  24. Does a History of Cheating Lead to Swinging?
  25. Do You Swing With Single Males?
  26. How Many Sex Toys do you own?
  27. Cut or Uncut?
  28. Full Swap, Soft Swap or?...
  29. The "Kissing" Rule
  30. Would you perform a sexual activity just to please your partner?
  31. Article: You know your a swinger when......
  32. Personal Ads - Yes or No
  33. Who has more pressure to perform?
  34. how and where did you meet your partner?
  35. Did you get into swinging to watch your wife with other men?
  36. At what age did you "lose" your (non-swinging) virginity?
  37. Swinging with Singles and/or Couples
  38. What type of music do you prefer during sex
  39. What does it take to scare you away?
  40. What Age Group Are You?
  41. Does swinging and friendship mix?
  42. Has Swinging changed your thinking/relationships/life?
  43. Promiscuity and Swinging
  44. WHoooooo ARE You?
  45. Would you swing with a co-worker?
  46. Address Book for Swinging Contacts
  47. How long do you like to play?
  48. Best Way to Orgasm
  49. Same Room or?
  50. How do you feel about being naked?
  51. Where was the first time?
  52. What is Your MAIN Attraction?
  53. Are you a Newbie?
  54. What is Multi-Orgasmic?
  55. Poll - Where are you from?
  56. What does your normal foreplay involve?
  57. reasons for NOT using condoms
  58. Reasons TO USE condoms
  59. How much talk do you want before you meet in person?
  60. what kind of condom
  61. Is it better to come Too Quick Or Not at all
  62. Poll: Do you swing for the benefits to the relationship or for the sex?
  63. What intimate acts do you reserve just for you and your partner?
  64. What is your ideal swinging outcome?
  65. How do YOU meet new playmates?
  66. proper blow job poll:
  67. How many ads?
  68. Was sex better when you were younger, or now??
  69. How Did You Come Up With Your User/Screen Name?
  70. Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing
  71. Do you like sex with strangers ?
  72. How big is too big???
  73. invites to someone's house/sleeping over
  74. How many people to make an Orgy?
  75. When do you party?
  76. Exaggerated Orgasm?
  77. How Much Time Elapsed between when you began discussing swinging and did it.
  78. Who is most likely to use the power of veto?
  80. What aphrodisiacs have you tried ?
  81. Sex on the "first date"?
  82. Racial Diversity in the lifestyle
  83. Do you use Alias Names
  84. What's Your Sign?
  85. Would you like a MFM 3some that is NOT within a 4some?
  86. Seperately or together? What are your limits?
  87. Have you ever had a sexual partner that was a better lover than your spouse?
  88. Is this your first marriage?
  89. Has Swinging Caused any problems in your relationship?
  90. M/M Bisexual Activity
  91. How Old are you?
  92. What's your swinger status?
  93. Double Play!!
  94. The Sex of Your Life
  95. Pop Vs. Soda
  96. Would you want to swing single?
  97. What is the longest you've gone between meeting a specific couple/single?
  98. How do you feel about marijuana
  99. Curve penis
  100. Poll: Are You Willing to go Bareback?
  101. Have you ever contracted an STD from a swing partner?
  102. What is your preferred method of meeting new playmates?
  103. Kissing with Your Eyes Closed
  104. would you have any problems swinging with a couple that has a huge age gap?
  105. Sex - How often do you NEED it?
  106. Which cartoon couple would be swingers?
  107. Controlling anal odors...
  108. Are you aroused by your partner having sex with someone else?
  109. How did your First Time happen?
  110. Can You Describe Your Ideal Swing Partner(s)?
  111. Swinger Soundtrack
  112. How often do you have sex with your partner?
  113. Would You appear in a swingers documentary?
  114. Would you participate in a dark room orgy?
  115. Is it a Lifestyle or a Hobby?
  116. How many people have you had intercourse with?
  117. Who Knows that you swing?
  118. Women, what's your prference on Men's hair between the legs
  119. Getting Stood Up
  120. Are you a Top or Bottom
  121. Ever been surprised running into people you know?
  122. Playmates and Breast Cancer
  123. Are voyeurs and exhibitionists swingers?
  124. Rate your relationship
  125. How many people had parents who were swingers?
  126. Couples: Which one manages your online ads?
  127. What Does "Well Hung" Mean?
  128. Do you Play Alone
  129. Relationship between bisexual women & swinging
  130. Eating a girl out on her period
  131. Glove with the one you love?
  132. Do you prefer MFM or FMF threesome?
  133. Ladies, what would your fantasy be?
  134. Condom Use: principles vs the heat of the moment
  135. Ladies, are you honest with your Dr about number of partners?
  136. Who would you least want to run into a club?
  137. How do you orgasm during intercourse?
  138. Condoms breaking or slipping off
  139. What's your opinion on family nudity in the home?
  140. Can sex still be good if only one person orgasms?
  141. Can you tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue?
  142. Women swingers and bisexuality
  143. Sexual Past
  144. Do you keep track of how many swing partners you've had?
  145. Married Males - What's your Status?
  146. Have you Ever taken one for the team?
  147. Women and Flirting
  148. How married are you?
  149. What kind of bisexual are you?
  150. Ladies, Can you have a vaginal orgasm without the help of toys, fingers, ect.
  151. SIZE! Ever Been Disappointed?
  152. Sharing wife with other men.
  154. Certifications on Online Ads
  155. What's the sexiest location for a tattoo?
  156. Who looks better with a tattoo? Men or Women?
  157. Would you Attend a church for swingers
  158. What sort of relationship do you look for when you swing?
  159. Personality Types and Swinging
  160. Ladies, Would you have sex with a long haired man?
  161. Would You Knowingly Play With A Couple With Herpes
  162. If They Only Knew
  163. How do you strip?
  164. Is "LOVER" a no-no word in Swingerland?
  165. Have your rules changed over time?
  166. Are you a nudist?
  167. A swinger's best friend?
  168. If he knows how to use it, what size penis would you prefer?
  169. How loud are you in bed?
  170. How tall are the men?
  171. How much does the average swinger make per year?
  172. Who do you prefer to take the lead during sex?
  173. What do you think of swinging via webcam?
  174. For the guys: What Type of Man Are You?
  175. What types of pictures do you prefer?
  176. What is your approach to condom use?
  177. Anal sex
  178. How Do Swingers Feel About Black Women?
  179. How often are you tested for STDs?
  180. High School Labels
  181. What do you expect on the first meet?
  182. how important was/is the lifestyle to you?
  183. What colour of silicone bracelet would you wear at a swingers club?
  184. What is the optimum length of time from insertion until climax?
  185. Is it true that females call the shots in this lifestyle?
  186. Swingers School - What grade are you in?
  187. I'm Hungry! (What Kind of Swinger Are You?)
  188. Question for Couples with bi-males
  189. Religion and swinging
  190. How do you feel about screamers?
  191. Swinging and Body Image
  192. Letting swing partners cum inside the ladies
  193. Would you play with soft swingers?
  194. Kissing a woman after she has given oral sex
  195. Question for the guys: Do you prefer FMF or MFM?
  196. MFM who pays for the room??
  197. Reasons You Haven't Jumped In Yet
  198. Did You Start Swinging Before Or After You Were In A Committed Relationship?
  199. Swinging & Special Occasions...
  200. What is your overall favorite sex group size?
  201. Couples swinging individually
  202. For those women who enjoy MFM threesomes, what do you prefer?
  203. What's your preference for 1st meets?
  204. is "No Drama" necessary?
  205. Did You "Jump In" or Did You "Wade In"?
  206. Have you changed anything physical about yourself for swinging?
  207. Where do newbies/veterans prefer to meet someone for the 1st time?
  208. Have/Would you use a video camera in play?
  209. How open about swinging are you?
  210. What are your opinions on tattoos in playpartners?
  211. Same Room or Seperate Room?
  212. Pics during play time
  213. What famous couple would you most like to swing with?
  214. Are You Famous?
  215. Gangbang?
  216. Where do like to cum (or be came on) while at a club or with another couple?
  217. How much of an exhibitionist are you (both)?
  218. Where do you live?
  219. Is your spouse your best lover? ever
  220. How many partners at one time is too many?
  221. Is swinging morally acceptable?
  222. Who has the Highest sex drive?
  223. Should swinging sex be meaningful?
  224. Would you sport a Swinger-Pride Symbol?
  225. What Profession are you in?
  226. What do you serve for breakfast to overnight swinging house guests?
  227. Swinging and safe Sex
  228. How many couples do you like to get together at a time?
  229. Easing it In
  230. Has Swinging Improved Your Self-Image?
  231. Have you gotten an STD through swinging?
  232. Swinging in Television -Compiling a list
  233. Viagra or Cialis?
  234. Roll 'em off or let 'em stay?
  235. Do you reject the chance for friendship?
  236. What does it take to get you in bed?
  237. Contact preferences
  238. Mental Undressing
  239. How Old Were You When You Had Your First "Group Sex" Experience?
  240. Playing in "exclusive" Groups
  241. Wearing Panties to the club?
  242. Hearing your partner in action: A turn-on?
  243. Age Preference in Swinging
  244. Personal Ads: What's your priority?
  245. Did you have sex in high school?
  246. When are you no longer considered a virgin? Opinions needed
  247. What's the bonus for you?
  248. width v. legnth
  249. Do you secretly wish you'd get outed?
  250. How old were you on your first swing experience while you were part of a couple?