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  1. Who makes the first move in swinging and how?
  2. How to initiate a MFM threesome?
  3. Trouble getting things started
  4. How to be more assertive at club or in the bedroom?
  5. Good ice breaker or opener to sex..
  6. Which male initiates a MFM?
  7. How to ask would you like to???
  8. Who makes the first move when you're at someone's house?
  9. Ideas for conversation starters at clubs
  10. Ok say you really like this couple at a house party. How do you make that next move?
  11. Getting things started
  12. How do you transition from the living room to the bedroom?
  13. hello, looking for advice on how to approach a couple
  14. Friends without the benefits
  15. How long does it take to know you're a match?
  16. How to Progress Things Along
  17. trouble moving things along