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  1. Wife can't handle seeing/hearing husband being pleasured
  2. Hubby has a problem swinging with couples now
  3. very upset
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  11. Am I selfish?
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  15. I am so frustrated by his behavior
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  17. Attractiveness/Personality issues
  18. Do I have a veto card?
  19. The other couple: one is very attractive, her/his partner is not - do you swing?
  20. "Taking one for the Team"?
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  22. wife ok with guys, but doesn't like hubby with women
  23. I want to have sex with others but can't handle watching him do it
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  25. Are there couples out there who would be open to just the women playing?
  26. What if your partner is.....
  27. She wants to swing but doesn't want him to play
  28. He thinks I'm being selfish, I'm just not sure what I want.
  29. She wants to be with others but isn't ready for him to be
  30. Frustrated & Feeling Left Out
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  32. My wife has a double standard and may be cheating, too
  33. Can you just come back for him later?
  34. Is it normal for there to not be attraction on all 4 sides?
  35. Nanny approached us for sex but wants husband more than wife
  36. The threesome I wanted turned into a FF twosome without me
  37. Interested in having a woman join us, but don't want to see her with another man
  38. How would you feel if a couple asks you to play, and not your spouse?
  39. "Taking one for the team"
  40. More/better attention to swing partner than to mate
  41. Has anyone tried this? Cuckolding
  42. only attracted to one 1/2 of the cpl
  43. Feeling like she's getting all the fun
  44. We both enjoy MFM, he wants a FMF but it just doesn't interest me
  45. Ok with him doing full swap but not interested in being with other men
  46. Charity Sex
  47. Don't want to share him, but ok for me to play
  48. Husband Feeling Left out - other couple seems to only want FMF with wife
  49. Ok for her to see other guys but not for him to be with other women
  50. I want the wife, but my wife isn't ready to do the husband
  51. Husband seems one sided ?
  52. Husband plays alone but I'm not allowed to
  53. Are we both being greedy?
  54. Couple not agreeing on the terms
  55. A desire for mutual desire and connection
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  57. Non-Married couples posing as husband and wife
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  61. taking one as a team
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  72. Fair or selfish?
  73. Wife full swaps, I'd like full swap, but wife doesn't want me to...
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  75. Swinger and Non-Swinger
  76. Bothered by what happened during play
  77. She can play without me playing.
  78. Feeling like 4th wheel... am I being petty?
  79. Hubby only wants to watch me...anyone else experience this?
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  81. UGH, what is it with some people
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  87. Seasoned swinger
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