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  1. Friends have expressed interest in swinging with us
  2. Friends as Swingers versus Sex Only Swingers
  3. Friends First or Just Sex?
  4. Can you be friends in and out of the bedroom?
  5. Can you make real friends in the lifestyle?
  6. Mixing Swinger & Straight Friends
  7. Is it ok to be friends first?
  8. Friends
  9. Do you mix your swinger and vanilla friendships?
  10. How do you act with swinging friends in non-swinging{public}places?
  11. Singles: Do you ever feel used?
  12. Do You Look at your Vanilla Friends the Same?
  13. confided in best friend, she can't handle it
  14. Clicking versus real friendship
  15. Which came first- the friends or the sex?
  16. lost a friend because of my lifestyle.
  17. Should we swing with our FB and his new girlfriend?
  18. How do we bring up swinging to our friends...or should we?
  19. Vanilla friend trying to understand
  20. Want to get to know people before swinging, but feeling rushed
  21. When swingers become friends and things go downhill
  22. Friends VS Just Playmates
  23. Why is it wrong to want friendship before sex?
  24. Friends In Swinging
  25. "Vanilla" friends propositioned us
  26. Friends with others in the lifestyle?
  27. How to determine if our friends are swingers?
  28. Am I alone in thinking that "friends first" doesn't make sense?
  29. Looking for friendship more than sex, where to find it?
  30. Close friends swingers, but they won't admit it
  31. Experiences with telling vanilla friends about swinging lifestyle involvement
  32. Looking for 'friends'?
  33. Vanilla friends who express and interest in swinging...
  34. Should we explore this? Swinging with a friend
  35. Swinger friends losing interest?
  36. Had sex with friend now things are awkward
  37. Friends Debate Revisited
  38. Swinging with Friends
  39. Ideal Situation - nudists/friends/swingers
  40. Conversations with vanilla friends have changed since joining this board
  41. Had an encounter with friends, worried about how it might affect our friendship
  42. Losing Lifestyle Friends & Don't Understand Why
  43. Friendship yes or no!
  44. A friend's lack of discretion
  45. Getting close to friends
  46. Going out with Vanilla Friends...worried
  47. Outed by a friend, can't trust him now
  48. Want to find professional couples we can be friends with
  49. Swinger friends now feel they are better than us because they are moving faster
  50. People think I am a slut
  51. First foursome ended weird!
  52. Feelings for Another
  53. Arguing Couple
  54. Would you play with vanilla friends who also have lifestyle experience?
  55. Swinging Relationships
  56. Too good of friends?
  57. When your friends find out....
  58. What are your thoughts on friends vs just for sex?
  59. Friend Sex
  60. Vanilla girlfriend attended club with us without her boyfriend's knowledge...
  61. Am I really seeing this or am I getting cynical?
  62. Friends and Swinging
  63. Swinging friends came out to us this weekend
  64. Swingers at your Wedding?
  65. To Be, Or Not To Be (Friends)?
  66. Won't you be my neighbor
  67. Screwing Drunk friends - (was: Hello From British Columbia
  68. Telling close friends that you're swinging?
  69. I am upset that "feelings" came into it...need advice!
  70. Fine line between swinging & vanilla
  71. Your neighbor may be a swinger if...
  72. A social side-benifit of swinging. Lifestyle vs vanilla friends
  73. The Friend-Zone
  74. Vanilla friends ever push your sexual buttons?
  75. Were you ever hit on by swingers when you were vanilla?
  76. vanilla friends potential swingers???
  77. We went overboard with vanilla friends - Advice needed
  78. "friends" in the lifestyle
  79. If I tell my friend the truth he would be deeply insulted - Advice Please
  80. Would like to begin with Soft Swap
  81. Approaching Close Friends?
  82. I don't know what to do...
  83. Sex with friends
  84. Outed by Vanilla friends...my wife received this email
  85. Do you do "closure"?
  86. Murder, mayhem, and mixing swingers with vanillas
  87. Friends first or..what was your name again?
  88. First time, considering a close friend
  89. Do we know each other?
  90. should 1st experience be a man from wife's past?
  91. How much of a friendship are you looking for?
  92. Have friend in mind. Should I ask?
  93. Our vanilla friends not so vanilla or are we just imagining it?
  94. Our friends show signs, but denied they are.
  95. Home town or travel a bit? And... friends or co-workers a definite 'no?'
  96. Swinger's View of This Couple
  97. Have you ever struggled with "The Friend Zone?"
  98. how to suggest "just sex" with a friend?
  99. Should our first MFM be with a friend or stranger?
  100. Friends or Playmates?
  101. Is she? Or is she not?
  102. Tricky Situation with Friends
  103. How do we find out if my wife's friends play?
  104. Do we get involved with friends or strangers?
  105. 3 some with married friend?
  106. Expecting too much to want more than just sex?
  107. Well, now we know.... they are...lol
  108. Close Friends in the LS
  109. What is happening, Please Help
  110. Do you ever get emotionally involved?
  111. Husband wants to try with my friend.
  112. Approaching someone I'm not sure if they swing