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  1. What is a dental wrap?
  2. Group Sex and Orgies
  3. What terminology do use to describe yourself?
  4. Swapping Partners vs Group Sex
  5. Are you fucking, playing, having sex...
  6. name for non-swingers
  7. HWP
  8. Why do so many people consider the MENTION of the word swinging to be obscene?
  9. Soft Swap????
  10. Swinger or Lifestyle?
  11. What is BDSM?
  12. What's your definition of a pushy person?
  13. When 1 Plus 1 Is Not 2 (How do you define a couple?)
  14. What does "420" mean?
  15. Full Swap: What is it?
  16. terminology - watersports
  17. What is a "fake" swinger ?
  18. Age-old Problem Solved? New name for "swingers"
  19. What the hell is Vanilla?
  20. Gang banged or group sex?
  21. Are you swinging or swapping?
  22. Professional Couples?
  23. What is Drama?
  24. Help...411 - They want a BS?
  25. Swinging vs. Lifestyle
  26. Semantics - Swinging vs Swapping
  27. Definitions: Open relationship vs. swinging
  28. 'Mutual Masturbation' - Definition?
  29. MFM v MMF
  30. The need to "label" everything
  31. What is a Unicorn?
  32. "MILF"
  33. Hard Core Swingers?
  34. Fluffernutters?
  35. Vanilla or Us
  36. Ethical Non Monogamy
  37. What is Pushy??
  38. What does it mean "no kids/children?"
  39. What does it mean to be "open-minded"?
  40. Question about full swaps and MMF's
  41. Another thought about different swingers.
  42. Is 'taking one for the team' really a vanilla term?
  43. Does the term "Lifestyle" bother anyone else?
  44. Definition please - NSA
  45. Are you a prude?
  46. How do you define fidelity?
  47. Is she bi or bi curious?
  48. What exactly is an aggressive male?
  49. Define "slut"?
  50. Is a foursome group sex?
  51. A strange trend? Seeking Financially Secure Swingers
  52. What does Open-Minded mean anyway?
  53. MILF Defined
  54. Pushy?
  55. Bbc? Bwc! Twp!
  56. Safe or vas-safe: What does it mean?
  57. Question (about swinging definitions)
  58. Have you ever heard of...........
  59. What does "SOON" mean?
  60. Why are non swingers 'Vanilla'
  61. So what exactly does "female is bicurious" mean?
  62. Definition of "Shared Wife"