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    [Smiley_sex] [rofl]

    Good Luck Be sure to let us know how it goes.

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    I am not sure if all your vairous warnings about him possibly "sucking" hit home or what... but I went over their ... did my little workout... (little hell.. I am SORE... he "helped me" work my calves on his calf machine... and after that I really wanted my husband to CARRY me home and just toss me in bed... and TODAY (2 days later) I can barely stand up! OUCH! (However, there is something somewhat sexy about a man standing behind you saying ok come on... up on your toes there.. 45 more!! well.. actaully no.. there's not... by the time I was done I was sweating like a PIG(LOL) fortunatly.. so was he and hubby... so their horrid smell covered mine right up!

    By the end though I was... just NOT turned on.. not at ALL... (which is kinda odd generally after a workout at home I am tired... but not DEAD! However... I think I kinda went numb too... the idea of being turned down does not sit with me too well. I have a delicate ego.. what can I say

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