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    Do you prefer MFM or FMF threesome? (Votes: 497)

    1. Men voting - MFM (Votes: 250)

    2. Women voting - MFM (Votes: 69)

    3. Men voting - FMF (Votes: 122)

    4. Women voting - FMF (Votes: 37)

    5. Men voting - Other (Votes: 17)

    6. Women voting - Other (Votes: 2)

    What's your Myers-Briggs Personality Type? (Votes: 603)

    1. ENFP (Votes: 35)

    2. INFP (Votes: 31)

    3. ENFJ (Votes: 57)

    4. INFJ (Votes: 44)

    5. ENTP (Votes: 27)

    6. INTP (Votes: 37)

    7. ENTJ (Votes: 87)

    8. INTJ (Votes: 113)

    9. ESTP (Votes: 11)

    10. ISTP (Votes: 13)

    11. ESFP (Votes: 16)

    12. ISFP (Votes: 12)

    13. ESTJ (Votes: 16)

    14. ISTJ (Votes: 51)

    15. ESFJ (Votes: 29)

    16. ISFJ (Votes: 34)

    How famous are you? (Votes: 319)

    1. 10 - We regularly make the covers of tabloids. (Votes: 6)

    2. 9 - Close friend of celebrity (you can see my elbow in the photo) (Votes: 7)

    3. 8 - Brad Pitt's 2nd cousin (Votes: 0)

    4. 7 - Working my way up the political scrotum pole (Votes: 5)

    5. 6 - I own about 1/3 of North Dakota (Votes: 2)

    6. 5 - I invented Toaster Strudel...surely you've heard of me? (Votes: 8)

    7. 4 - I own several very big businesses (Votes: 6)

    8. 3 - I own one my own small business (Votes: 75)

    9. 2 - I manage a portion of someone else's big company (Votes: 33)

    10. 1 - Decidedly UNfamous...but I like it that way. (Votes: 177)

    Would you engage with your partner or partners with an audience? (Votes: 363)

    1. He: Sure. Excites me. Bring a camera. (Votes: 120)

    2. He: No problems (but forget the camera). (Votes: 117)

    3. He: Friends, yes. Strangers, No. (Votes: 26)

    4. He: Not as a solo performance, but as part of a group, I'd be OK. (Votes: 39)

    5. He: No thanks. Groupsex yes, but in the limelight? No. (Votes: 27)

    6. He: I prefer the intmacy that one-on-one affords us. (Votes: 9)

    7. He: Hell, no. I would even prefer the lights out, anyway! (Votes: 3)

    8. He: Can I "Take the Fifth?" (Votes: 4)

    9. She: Sure. Excites me. Bring a camera. (Votes: 82)

    10. She: No problems (but forget the camera). (Votes: 94)

    11. She: Friends, yes. Strangers, No. (Votes: 31)

    12. She: Not as a solo performance, but as part of a group, OK. (Votes: 36)

    13. She: No thanks. Groupsex yes, but in the limelight? No. (Votes: 24)

    14. She: I prefer the intimacy that one-on-one affords us. (Votes: 13)

    15. She: Hell, no. I would even prefer the lights out, anyway! (Votes: 3)

    16. She: Can I "Take the Fifth?" (Votes: 5)

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